Baby Shower Message Examples

Baby Shower Message Ideas

Baby showers are just so much fun! It's such a lovely way to gather together the friends and family of the beautiful mumma-to-be and celebrate the almost-arrival of a new little person.

The baby shower invitations should capture the excitement of this special time. To help, we've come up with a selection of joyful baby shower message examples to inspire you.

Themed Baby Showers

Choosing a specific theme for a baby shower makes planning and decorating so much easier. And you can set the scene for the party with matching baby shower invitations and a unique message.

A bumblebee baby shower is a colourful option for parents-to-bee (get it!?) that are keeping bub's gender a surprise.

  • Bzzz, bzzz, bzzz, a surprise is on its way,
  • Come help us shower the Mum-to-Bee

A classic baby shower theme is, naturally, colourful clouds and raindrops. Choose either pink or blue invitations. Or opt for peach or mint for a gender-neutral baby shower.

  • Stay tuned for the latest forecast:
  • It's a shower followed by a sunny baby

Its Raining Baby Shower Invitations and Bunting

Gender Specific Baby Shower Message Examples

If mum-to-be has already found out bub's gender it's a fun idea to include this on the baby shower invitations.

  • Sugar and spice, and skirts that twirl
  • (Mum-to-be) is having a girl

  • The news is out and it's a boy,
  • Let's shower (mum-to-be) with plenty of joy

  • Hugs, smiles and teddy bears
  • A cute little (boy/girl) is almost here

Twin Baby Shower Message Ideas

Twins Baby Shower Invitation

Is mum-to-be expecting twins? Let the guests know on the invitation that they'll soon be seeing double.

  • (Mum-to-be) decided two's better than one
  • So she's having twins. Double the fun!

  • Double the nappies, bottles and toys
  • (Mum-to-be) is having twin little boys!

  • Two sets of dresses, two sets of pearls
  • (Mum-to-be) is having twin baby girls!

Co-ed Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Lots of baby showers now include, and celebrate dad-to-be. If you're throwing a joint baby shower, make this clear by popping dad's name on the invitation as well.

  • (Mum) and (Dad) will soon become three
  • Join us for a mixed shower to celebrate

  • We're throwing a party and we'd love you to come
  • To shower (Mum), (Dad) and baby number one!

  • (Mum) and (Dad), always look so cool,
  • We can't wait to see them wearing baby drool!
  • Join us for a co-ed baby shower

Gender Reveal Baby Shower Message Examples

Yellow Rocking Horse Gender Reveal Baby Shower Invitation

Gender-reveal parties are a fun way to find out the gender of the little one and share the excitement with friends and family.

The ultrasound technician will write down bub's gender in a sealed envelope. The parents-to-be will then have a baker to make a cake with white fondant icing and either blue or pink coloured sponge. At the shower, the first slice of cake will reveal whether a boy or girl is on the way.

These message examples are a fun way to build the mystery and excitement of a gender-reveal party.

  • Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
  • How we wonder what you are
  • Come along to find out if it's a boy or a girl

  • Bzzz, bzzz, bzzz a surprise is on its way
  • Boy or girl, what will it bee?

Sip-and-See Message Examples

Instead of a baby shower, you may decide to have a sip-and-see after your baby is born. This is usually more casual than a baby shower, and guests can just pop in anytime during the party to meet the new arrival and raise a glass (or two).

  • (He's/She's) got ten little fingers
  • And a cute little nose
  • Come take a peek
  • And toast (baby's name) with a drink

  • First they were two, and now they're three
  • Come meet the latest member of the (parent's last name) family