Luxury Greeting Cards - Product Quality

Cards worth keeping

From heartfelt messages,to crayon masterpieces drawn by tiny hands, whatever you fill your card with, it will betruly cherished by your loved ones.

Printed on premium cotton rag card stock using archival pigment ink, our luxe cards can be looked back on in the years to come.

The Fine Art Of The Handwritten Card

The art of the handwritten card is not lost. Less common, yes. But more meaningful now than possibly ever before. The meaning behind a handwritten customised card - the time it takes to write, the words themselves, and actually having a piece of you on paper - your unique handwriting, is something your loved ones can keep and cherish forevermore.

It's because of this, that we wanted to create a card worthy of these special messages and photographs. A card that is archival, so it will be kept. A card so beautiful that they may even want to frame it. So we print on our photographic press using pigment ink on heavyweight (320gsm) cotton rag card stock. This paper is so special, it's usually reserved for fine art prints.

Because memories, and quality matter.

Antique Gold Pearlescent Envelopes

When tasked with finding an envelope suitable for such a special card, we could look no further than our beautiful pearlescent envelopes in antique gold. With a subtle shimmer and elegant colour, they are the perfect accompaniment to our luxe range of greeting cards