How to host a Baby Shower for baby boy, girl or gender neutral

This week, we caught up with Kim and Jodie from The Party Parlour, for an insight into how to create a perfectly pretty baby shower for both a boy and a girl!

Everyone knows a baby shower is all about making Mum feel special at the later stage of her pregnancy. Kim and Jodie tell us that the most popular for of baby shower is an afternoon tea setting, where mum-to-be can sit and relax while being spoiled by her family and friends. We like the sound of that!

The girls say it’s important to remember that family and friends will be more than happy to help out with the catering, so take them up on any offer to bring some treats along! Whetever relieves you of stress on your special day is a great idea. A few savoury nibbles at the table will keep guests more than happy!

A refreshments table ties together all the little details to create a wonderful centerpiece for your occasion. Try to organize the table so that guests can easily serve themselves and always have non-alcoholic options such as punch or juice. By bringing together accessories of a similar colour palette with carefully selected food and beverages, your table can look effortlessly styled. Our Rocking Horse bunting and personalised labels are a cute addition to the drinks table, and you can even get the bubbles to match the colour too!


Whether you want to theme your shower around the sex of the baby or keep everyone guessing until the birth, you can host the perfect shower for a baby boy, girl or even go gender neutral by simply changing the base colours of invitations and accessories.

Another great idea is to reveal the gender of the baby at the shower with the cutting of a cake. This type of celebration is best themed with a neutral palette such as lemon and mint green or pastels.

Simply let an iced cake take centre stage at the event and the gender is revealed when you take the first slice!

Here are a few examples of how you can achieve gorgeous looks with different colour combinations.


A combination of lemon yellows, cool greys and bright whites are the key to creating a classic gender neutral palette. Fresh, yet calming, these colours can be mixed and matched to your hearts content.

Rocking Horse Baby Shower in Yellow

L-R: Lemon Rocking Horse Invitation,  Lemon Rocking Horse Milk Bottle Stickers on Milk Bottles, Personalised Rocking Horse Bunting in LemonRocking Horse Thank You Gift Tag in Lemon on Sambellina Cupcake Box, Chocolate Mudcake by C For Cake


Our baby pink and grey rocking horse bunting is a great starting point for a gorgeous girl themed baby shower. Mix with pretty white polka dots and soft finishing touches for the perfect party.

Pink Rocking Horse Baby Shower Party Stationery

L-R: Pink Rocking Horse Baby Shower InvitationPink Rocking Horse Milk Bottle Sticker ,


Soft baby blues paired with crisp, clean white creates a beautiful backdrop for your boy themed baby shower. Just look at your Blue Rocking Horse invitation for some inspiration!

Blue Rocking Horse Baby Shower

When the shower is over, sending your guests home with a thank you gift is always a nice way show your appreciation. It could be anything from individual cupcake boxes to baby feet biscuits. Simply wrap, tie with coloured ribbon and finish with a Love JK personalized thank you tag.


Personalised Bunting, Tent Cards, Labels and Invitations by Love JK

Partyware from The Party Parlour

Little Feet Cookies by Sweetness

Rocking Horse White Mud Cake by C For Cake

Individual Cupcake Boxes from Sambellina




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