How to Make a Healthy Party Lunchbox

Parties often mean one thing – a room full of peckish children! Organizing party food can be a dilemma for many parents, and we all know the kiddies will want to pick the bad stuff over the good.

To encourage healthy choices at your next celebration all it takes is a little imagination. Take a look at some ideas below to make healthy food fun!

For savory items think sushi, flat bread pinwheels, multigrain wraps and dips with veggie sticks. Try to steer clear of naughty nibbles like chips and fairy bread – these over processed foods will only lead to a sugar high and make it tough to keep the partygoers in order!

If you’re after something more substantial then why not prepare a batch of mini pasta pots? This will definitely keep the kids’ hunger at bay and give them lots of energy for an afternoon of partying! And if you want to keep it simple with a sandwich, cut them into fun shapes like stars or piggies and give the kids a giggle.

For sweet items, think of the rainbow. Fill lunchboxes with colourful fruits, strawberries dipped in dark chocolate, raspberries filled with a white chocolate chip or a fun fruit salad with a natural yoghurt and honey dip.

The possibilities are endless. There’s lots of fun to be had creating a nutritious lunchbox for all your guests. Get the kids involved and they’ll be tempted to taste test the lot!

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