Baby Shower Ideas Planning We’ve put together our favourite ideas for spoiling the Mum-to-be along with tips and tricks on avoiding stress when planning a baby shower.

1. Plan for hosting your baby shower 2-3 months prior to the bub’s due date. This will give you plenty of time to get to grips with the guest list and finalize the little details. You never know when the little one will decide it’s time to say ‘Hello World’!

2. Ask the Mum to be what theme they would like (even if it’s just a colour palette), this will help you to create a pretty, yet cohesive, look.

Baby-Shower-IdeasPink Elephant Baby Sower, Blue Rocking Horse Baby Shower, Lemon Rocking Horse Baby Shower, Rubber Ducky Baby Shower in Blue

3. The food can be as extravagant or as simple as you like, from ribbon sandwiches to macaroons. Here are some of our favourite recipes: cucumber roulades, baby spinach basinettes, lemonade scones, iced biscuits and peanut butter spoons.

4. Family and friends will be more than happy to help out with the catering, so take them up on the offer! Ask people to bring their food in containers so that you can arrange them onto pretty little plates before the guests arrive.

5. Display your celebration cake to create a real focal point to the table. You can add interest and symmetry to your setting by using simple risers, wrapping boxes in coordinating gift-wrap, or stacking cake plates on top of each other.

6. Use disposable party-ware such as plates, napkins and cups as part of your display. It’s super cheap and can be done in minutes! You can stack cups in interesting ways and use plates and paper doilies to create decorations that coordinate with your look.

7. Hang decorations and backdrops in advance. It is easier to do this when there is no time pressure or little ones running around your feet trying to grab at lollies!

8. If you have the space, a separate drinks table is a great idea. Set up inside or outside and decorate to suit your shower style. A drink dispenser allows people to easily serve themselves so that you just have to top it up with ice throughout the afternoon. Have non-alcoholic options such as punch or juice available too!

9. Most people will bring gifts, so save yourself the flustering over falling presents and set up a ‘gifts table’. Simply decorate the table with a tablecloth, some wrapped gifts, and a “For Baby” bunting so that your guests know where to leave them throughout the days event.

10.  Show your appreciation by sending your guests home with a thank you gift. Source coordinated packaging to suit your party styling and simply wrap your gifts with a personalized thank you tag. Something small and sweet will do the trick; think individually wrapped baby feet cookies, cupcake boxes, lolly bags or even colour themed lollipops. Display these around the shower for extra decoration!

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