The best birthday invitations for tots and toddlers

Personalised Photo First Birthday Invitations

It’s party time! Whether you’re planning baby’s first birthday, or celebrating them turning two and three, we’ve got the best birthday invitations for toddlers.

When planning your child’s birthday, the first place to start is with the invitations. Your invitations can set the theme for the party and get your guests (both big and small) excited for the birthday fun.

Nothing beats receiving a lovely invitation in the mail – and it’s this simple, traditional gesture that will have your guests looking forward to the big day.

First Birthday Invitations

Your bub may not remember their first party, but we think the very first birthday is an incredible milestone. You’re celebrating one year with your adorable, tiny human!

Some people like to keep the first birthday celebrations small – with just close friends and family. But, if you’re keen to throw a big party, the sky’s the limit. If celebration after celebration has you quivering with pre-hosting nerves, why not combine the birthday party with bubba’s Christening or Baptism to make it really special?

First Birthday Invitations for baby girl and boy

For their first birthday, you want to choose an invitation that captures the personality and spirit of your little cherub. It helps to pick a specific theme for the party (and invitations) to streamline your decision-making and tie everything together nicely.

Here are out top picks for the poppets first birthday invitations:

Birthday Invitations for Toddlers

As your child grows, they’ll become more excited about their own birthday party and want to take part in the planning. If your tot has a favourite toy, colour, character (or something else they’re totally obsessed) you can use this as inspiration for your birthday invitations.

2nd Birthday Invitations

When the time comes to send, or hand out the invitations, don’t forget to include one or two of your toddler’s friends – from playgroup or the local park. A good rule of thumb is to let them invite as many friends as their party age – so your three year old can choose his three closest day care buddies to come along. When they’re that little, keep the numbers small too!

Here are our top picks for toddler party invitations:

What to include on your invitations

With your party theme in place and your guest list checked, now all you need to do is write the invitations.

Take a look at our invitation checklist below to ensure you’ve included those vital little details.

Party time and date
Birthday parties for tots, two’s and toddlers are best being kept to one or two hours. Try to time the party just after your baby’s regular nap time and they’ll wake up refreshed, ready to socialize with all your guests.

For little one’s birthdays it’s usually best to host the party at home or in a familiar place. By doing this your baby won’t be too overwhelmed by a new environment and you’ll have all their usual toys, blankets and other comforts close by.

If you’re planning on hosting an outdoor party for your kiddos birthday (a local park, petting zoo or playground) it’s a great idea to include your wet weather contingency plan on the invitation. No one likes to party in the rain! Keep it short and sweet –“If it rains, the party will be held at 8 Swanston Grove.”

Description of Party
If you’re planning a party with a theme or you would like the guests to arrive in fancy dress, make sure you include these details on the invitation. Some guests may wish to make their own costumes at home, so knowing in advance comes in very handy!

RSVP Details
Finally, give your guests RSVP details. With kid’s parties it’s wise to be flexible with guest lists and numbers – be prepared for older brothers and sisters to come along too.

If you’re throwing a big party, or don’t know some of your pint-sized guests, then it’s a great idea to ask about any allergy or dietary information on the invite. Ask guests to reply with any necessary information, and then it’s time to party!

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