Marshmallow Toadstools

These mini mashmallow toadstools are the perfect addition to a fun and fancy fairy party. They are super simple for all those ‘non baker’s’ out there and they look pretty darn cute! With white chocolate chip ‘soil’ and meringue topped mushies, these delicious funghi will have the fairies tummies hungry for more!

Marshmallow Toadstools are the ultimate party treat for a fairy party and so simple to make.

Alex from The Inspired Occasion shares with us her easy to make delicious treats for a fabulous Fairy Party.

What you need:
Mini Meringues *
Cake Pop Sticks
Handful of White Chocolate Chips

How to:
Melt white chocolate chips
Pop a marshmallow onto a cake pop stick
Dip into melted chocolate
Put a mini meringues on top and hold for a second until chocolate has set
Place cake pop stick into a container with filled with rice or flour so it stands up.
Leave to set for 1 hour
Cover your rice with white chocolate chips ready for the party



Personalised Stationery & Printables by Love JK 

Cakeware and Sweet Treats by The Inspired Occasion 

Photography by Jess Parker

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