How to Plan a Party in the Park

Planning A Party In The Park

A party in the park can be so much fun, especially if the weather is on your side. Celebrating in the great outdoors is exciting for the little ones, but for us adults there are a few essentials to consider. To make sure your party is as fun as can be, here are some top tips for planning a party in the park.

Planning a Party in The Park

Invites – Be playful with your party invites and choose a design that ties in with your outdoor theme – this is sure to get the kids really excited. Take a look at our Cheeky Monkey and our Garden Fairy invites to get you started. Whether it’s a teddy bears picnic or a princess tea party, there’s bound to be an invite out there that replicates your party perfectly. Send your invites well ahead of time. Its good to give other parents notice of an outdoor party so they can think about suitable clothing for their little ones on the day. The adults may wish to come along too!

Take cover – Every party needs a back up plan, none more so than a party in the park. If the weather does suddenly decide to change have a few tricks up your sleeve so the rain doesn’t well and truly rain on your parade. It could be anything, from a few large umbrellas packed in the car to sussing out a child-friendly café near by. Be mindful of going ‘over board’ with the party accessories if you do have to pack up in a hurry.

Planning a Party in the Park

Seating – Wherever you decide to host your event, make note of the final numbers and think about a seating plan well in advance. Will adult guests be happy standing while the little ones sit on cushions? Will you be using rugs or blankets on the ground? Are you thinking of hiring party furniture for the big day? Look at the area you intend to use and consider the space you have as well as its surroundings. Steer clear of water nearby and keep a safe distance away from busy roads. Consider your options at least a month before the party so that any hired furniture can be taken care of. We love Mini Party People for all our party hire needs.

Planning a Party in the Park

DecorationParty bunting is probably the easiest and safest bet when it comes to styling a party in the park. The bunting can be tied to trees, lampposts or even the legs of your party table. A few simple streams of colourful bunting can set the scene beautifully can easily coordinate with the rest of your party stationery like tent cards and thank you tags. Also look at tissue pompoms and paper lanterns, these can be made at home a few hours before the party and simply hung in place on arrival. Simple is key!

Planning a Party in the Park

Food – Think easy to pack and easy to clean. Parks are notorious for never having enough rubbish bins close by so think about this when considering your party food. Using lunchboxes to keep the kiddies food compact and tidy is a great idea and means you can do most of the prep work at home. Simply box up individual portions of savory items i.e. sandwiches and wraps into everybody’s lunchbox and save the sweet treats and birthday cake for the main event. They can act as beautiful centerpieces to your party table while adding a splash of colour. See our ideas for a healthy party lunchbox here.

Planning a Party in the Park

Finishing Touches – Now it’s time to think about the finishing touches. With the kids running around outside it’s always good to have drinks nearby to quench their thirst. Individual drink bottles can be filled before the party, making it easy for you and allowing the little ones to keep the same bottle all day. No more mix ups! If you think there is a chance of over-catering at the party, be prepared with the goodie bags on stand by – no one refuses tasty party left overs. Finally, double check with guests about allergies and food intolerances so you can cater accordingly then use tent cards to clearly label for adults and children.

Now it’s time to party!

Photography by: Alexandrena Parker

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