Lolly Treasure Teacups

There’s no doubt about it, kids love love LOVE their lollies. For a party treat that’s sure to hit the sweet spot, try out these awesome Lolly Treasure Cups! Mum of three, Kasey, shows us how to get crafty with the ice cream cones to create these cups of colour.

Makes approximately 22 teacups

What you need:
Ice cream cones
Flat round biscuit
Lolly snakes
Food colouring
Queen Royal Icing Packet Mixture

Use a serrated knife to cut the ice cream cones –
so much easier!

When attaching the lolly snake, hold in place for a
short while to allow the icing to dry.

How to:
Cut away the bottom of each ice cream cone.
Place the top part of the cone onto the flat round biscuit. Discard the bottom part of the cone.
Make royal icing as per the packet instructions.
Place the bottom side of the cone into the royal icing mixture.
Position the cone on top of the biscuit. The icing will act like glue.
Cut the lolly snakes into quarters.
Dip both ends of the lolly snake into the icing and secure to the side of the cone.


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