Lights, Camera, Action! Get ready for a Movie Party

If your kiddies are film fanatics, roll out the red carpet and head for Hollywood with our mega Movie Party!

Stick to three easy colour ways to style your party and you won’t go wrong! Take a peek at our Personalized Movie Party Stationery to get your party ideas into action…

Personalized Invitations, Personalized Party Bunting, Lunchboxes, Drink Bottle Labels.

Cover your party table with a red & white table runner and pair this with our personalized party bunting to set the scene for your special screening. Our individual party lunchboxes and drink bottles will give the mini moviegoers something to sip and snack on while watching their favourite flick.

Gold accessories such as cupcake cases, straws and paper plates will give your Movie Party a sprinkling of Hollywood glamour. When it’s time to get the tape rolling, hand out individual popcorn boxes to your guests and let them munch away at movie time!

Looking for some ideas to make your Movie Party pop? Check out our styling inspiration below…

Lanterns, Cups, Straws, Popcorn Boxes, Plates, Napkins, Cupcake Cases by The Party Parlour

Movie Parties are super simple to host and can be a blast for kids of all ages. Get creative with film themed treats like Oscar cookies and popcorn cupcakes for a delicious interval nibble. Ask friends and family for their favourite film choices to ensure your pics on the day are perfect for everyone.

Despicable Me, Oscar Cookies, The Wizard of Oz, Popcorn Cupcakes

Here are some of our favourite kids movies:
King Fu Panda
Despicable Me
Finding Nemo

And don’t forget the cult classics:
Wizard of Oz
Mary Poppins
The Parent Trap
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
The Muppet’s Movie
Little Mermaid
Toy Story

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