Celebrate & make a splash with our mermaid party!

Mermaid Party Ideas

With lots of little girls growing up dreaming of creatures and adventures underwater, we couldn’t wait to put together a very special party for one very lucky birthday girl. We teamed up with Lisa from Burnt Butter and Claire from My Little Tribe to host a mesmerising mermaid party not to be missed!

Mermaid Party Styling Ideas: Blue satin is a great backdrop with Party Bunting, Balloons and Pink Pom Poms

For the backdrop to our shimmering celebration we simply draped silky blue fabric from above and paired it with personalised birthday bunting, giant balloons and beautiful lanterns from The Party Parlour. A tablecloth speckled with sequins and glitter along with a scattering of shells meant our party table was good to go.

Mermaid Party Face Painting by Jenny Saunders from Pixie Faces

As our mini mermaids and mermen arrived they were treated to awesome underwater face painting from Pixie Faces, who took inspiration from the ocean to make sure everyone looked the part.

Mermaid Party Game Ideas: Blowing bubbles and underwater stories in the garden!

With everyone ready to dip their feet in the water, it was time for the party games to start! Our resident mermaid, Jenny Saunders, gathered the children in a circle and told stories of underwater adventures. Hunting for mysterious creatures in the garden and blowing big blue bubbles made our mermaid’s eyes sparkle.

Mermaid Party Invites & Personalised Water Bottles from Love JK Personalised Mermaid Party Lunchbox from Love JK

Each of our mermaids and mermen were given personalised lunch boxes and drink bottles to keep their tummies happy. Having this much fun can be thirsty work!

Our mermaid themed feast was nothing short of magical. Thanks to Burnt Butter the party table was overflowing with delicious party food for our guests to dive into.

Mermaid Party Food Ideas: Meringue Tails, Macaroon Fish & Crab Croissants! Yum!!

With crab croissants, fish macaroons, starfish cookies and mermaid meringue tails taking centre stage, a treat table this tasty didn’t stay full for long!

Mermaid Party Lunchbox Ideas: Crab Croissants, Veggie Sticks, and Fruit kebabs!

Our mermaid lunch boxes were a definite hit with the little ones and made the birthday feast fun for all. Even the grown-ups were giggling at the crab googly eyes.

Mermaid Party Game Ideas: Pin the tail on the mermaid!

For a spot of last minute deep-sea fun, we played a game of ‘Pin the Tail on the Mermaid’ (get your free printable here!). As the mermaid picture was passed around the circle, partygoers were blindfolded and given tails to pin in place. It’s always fun to end a party with this classic.

Mermaid Party Favour Bags and Thank You Cards from Love JK

Before leaving the party and heading for the shore, our guests were given favour bags filled with bubbles, shells and sea-themed treats along with a lovely thank you tag to take home.

Partyware featuring our Mermaid Party themed stationery includingpersonalised invitationslunch boxes, bunting and thank you gift tags.


Personalised Mermaid Party Stationery from Love JK

Party Food and Cake by Burnt Butter Cakes

Photography by My Little Tribe Photography

Party Furniture Hire from Mini Party People

Face Painting by Jenny Saunders of Pixies Face Painting

Party Decorations from The Party Parlour

Shells and Starfish from Simply Shells

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