Magic Fairy Dust

Alex from The Inspired Occasion shares with us her sweet recipe for Fairy Dust as featured in our Fairy Party

A jar of fairy dust is the sweetest favour to send guests home with after a fabulous fairy party!

What you need:
Caster Sugar
Food coloring (Liquids are easier to work with)
Baking paper

How to:
Place required sugar in bowl
Add a few drops of food colouring
Using a fork mix together in the bowl
Keep adding colouring and sugar until you achieve desired colour
Cover plate with baking paper
Place sugar on plate and spread it out

Allow to dry overnight
Any clumps can be broken up with a fork or finger
Layer coloured sugar into jars and give to your little fairy guests!



Personalised Stationery & Printables by Love JK 

Cakeware and Sweet Treats by The Inspired Occasion 

Photography by Jess Parker

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