Ice Cream Sandwiches

When we think of summer, we think of Ice Cream Parties. Perfect for an indoor party, when it’s too hot to go outside. Need some foodie inspiration? Look no further… Lisa from Burnt Butter shares with us her easy & tasty Ice Cream Sandwich recipe

What you need:
Your choice of ice cream
100s & 1000s Mini Biscuits

Cling wrap
Round biscuit cutter
Deep baking tray
Palette knife

Dipping the knife into warm water will help to create sandwiches of the same height.
Cleaning the cutter after each cut will assist in creating perfect rounds.
Slightly warm the cutter by dipping into a bowl of warm water to make the cutting easier.

How to:
Allow ice cream to soften.
Spray baking tray with canola oil and cover with glad wrap.
Spread the ice cream onto the baking tray using the palette knife
Refreeze ice cream with another layer of cling wrap on top.
When the ice cream has re-frozen use your biscuit cutter to cut out your rounds.
Place frozen ice cream round in between two 100s & 1000s Mini Biscuits.
Your finished biscuit can be frozen for a day or two.


Recipe by: Burnt Butter
Photography by: My Little Tribe


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