Planning a First Birthday: What you need to know


First birthday ideas from venues and decorations to party food and lunch box ideas

Planning a first birthday party for your baby can be a little daunting, but we’re here to make it easy! We’re talking decorations, venues, party food and more to make celebrating your baby’s big day a breeze.


When it comes to bub’s first birthday, practicality and convenience are our top priorities, which is why we think it’s sometimes easier to host their very first party at home. A café with a large communal area or a separate room for functions can also work. It’s always a good idea to check essential amenities for your guests and other parents too. This includes:

  • Accessibility for prams
  • Parking
  • Change facilities
  • High chairs
  • A microwave
  • An area to breast feed
  • A quiet corner for sleepy bubba’s to take their mid-afternoon nap.

If a venue feels big or small to begin with, think about how the space will work with four prams and 5 high chairs. Hosting a first birthday at home gives you (and the crawlers) freedom to roam without restriction and allows your guests to stay at the event as long as they like. Win-win!


The preparation for your babies first birthday is bound to be a little crazy. To make decorating the event as easy as possible, we love party stationery and accessories that can be prepped well before the guests start to arrive.

For a first birthday we love pairing pastels, using bright primary colours or even mixing soft neutral tones with hints of metallic.

First Birthday Pastel Decoration Ideas

If your party has a theme, continue this through to the decorations for a cohesive look. If not, think of colour combinations that will work well together, and go from there.

First Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

Bunting flags can be threaded days in advance and paper lanterns, pom poms and fans can be fluffed and temporarily hung in other areas until needed. We always recommend to busy mammas that they decide on decoration placing a week before the party. Just think, by doing this you’ll feel at ease on the big day and the styling will take you 30 minutes tops!


For first birthdays, we like to keep things simple, and it couldn’t be more fitting with the party food. Tiny tots who have started eating solids will be more than happy to pick and nibble on fruits and crackers throughout the day.

Grazing trays are great for nimble fingers and look fantastic when dotted around the table. Simply use cupcake patties or small muffin tins and fill each compartment with fruits like blueberries, strawberries and grapes, soft crackers and cubes of cheese. For everyone else, think about items that guests can grab as they like and don’t need to be served heated.

First BIrthday Party Ideas - Food ideas for adults at the party

Sushi is a great idea, as are finger sandwiches, and toddlers at the party will enjoy snacking on soft nori rolls and tiered treads just as much as adults. Separate items for older kids by serving them in individual lunch boxes.

As for the grown-ups, nothing beats a cheese board. They look delicious and incredibly sophisticated, and best of all, guests can be left to serve themselves taking pressure off the host. For sweet treats, think pretty macaroons, cupcakes and other individual offering that don’t need to be cut. Ask a friend to cut and serve the birthday cake after the candles are blown out, or save for later and send everyone home with a slice. The less cutlery needed at the party, the better.

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