Old McDonald comes to town! It’s a fantastic Farmyard Party

If you’re looking for a party theme to suit both boys and girls then look no further! Our Farmyard Party packs the perfect punch when it comes to gender-neutral celebrations! This colourful party combines good old-fashioned fun with an amazing animal farm to create a memorable day for all. We caught up with Mum of two and owner of Mini Party People, Stacey Moran for a fantastic Farmyard Party!

Stacey’s Farmyard Party took style inspiration from the personalized invitations by Love JK. Red checkerboard fabric adorned the party tables while red and white trees from Mini Party People scattered the venue to created a farmyard feel.

Farmyard Party Inspiration featuring party furniture and accessories from Mini Party People

The seating for this party was udder-ly incredible! Mini milking stools lined the party tables and little red buckets were placed in the centre ready for feeding time. Let the party begin!

Farmyard Party Lunchbox by Love JK

A farmyard party feast featuring a farmyard birthday cake, pigs in mud mousse and animal fairy bread from Burnt Butter

The farm style food was a feast for the eyes and the taste buds! Personalised party bunting enticed the crowd to sample the sweet stuff. While guests devoured a delicious Farmyard cake from Burnt Butter, the pigs in mud mousse and animal fairy bread had the partygoers in fits of giggles! Funny food is always a winner!

Farmyard Party Ideas - A Petting Zoo!

For party entertainment the animals came to town! Stacey hired a mobile baby animal farm, allowing the kids to get up close and personal with all their favourite farmyard friends. Goats, cows, rabbits, the lot! They all came down to join in the fun.

Farmyard Party Favour Bags and Thank You Tags from Love JK

When guests headed home they were all given party favour bags with gingham pinwheels and a personalised thank you tag from Love JK

Partyware featuring our Farmyard themed stationery includingpersonalised invitations, party bunting, lunch boxes and thank you gift tags.


Personalised Party Stationery by Love JK

Party Furniture and Hire from Mini Party People

Party Cake and Sweet Treats by Burnt Butter

Photography by My Little Tribe

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