DIY Pom Poms

It’s time to spend the afternoon crafting. An assortment of bold and beautiful pom poms will immediately brighten up your party and make a great statement when guests walk in. Pair your decorations with Love JK Personalized Party Bunting for the ultimate party backdrop. Here, our lovely customer Kasey shows us how to puff up paper to get the very best DIY pom pom backdrop.

What you need:
Tissue Paper
(1 pack of 10 sheets = 2 large pom poms)
Love JK Personalized Party Bunting

How to:
Hang the dowel at a comfortable height so that you can attach the decorations easily.
Cut the tulle into pieces for hanging – keep in mind to double it in length, so it can be looped through and around the dowel.


Making your pom poms:

Once the tulle backdrop is positioned behind the party table, hang the Love JK bunting.

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