Move your feet to the beat! It’s a Disco Party!

We all love a good boogie on the dance floor, so we were super excited to team up with The Party Parlour for a disco party like no other. Diva’s at the ready…disco balls steady…its time to dis-go!

Disco party ideas for a girls birthday

This birthday bash was a special joint celebration for Annabelle and Eva; two mini disco divas with a whole lot of fans! A little scout hall in Sydney was a great choice for our guests, and oh boy, do fifty 7-year olds know how to bust some moves.

Backdrop and decoration ideas for a disco party

The colour scheme for the party complimented the personalised birthday invitations from Love JK. Glitzy gold paired with peppermint green and popping pinks definitely packed a punch. Mini Party People provided the party furniture and chairs for the colourful event.

After all that shimmy-ing and shaking the kids were thankful for their seats. Bright balloons tied with gold ribbon floated above the tables while candy-coloured confetti coated the tablecloths.

Thanks to Alex, our entertainer from Partyrockers, the kids were thoroughly entertained for hours. Alex was the ultimate disco host; ensuring everyone was moving and a groovin’ right until the end. Some kids joined in with group dancing while others sang their hearts out to karaoke. Pass the mic!

Disco birthday party ideas for girls

After hours of beats blasting and toes tapping, the party feast was welcomed by all. Jars of treat’s such freckles and marshmallows kept the kiddies sweet before tucking into their personalised lunchboxes from Love JK. Disco diva push pops and a colourful confetti cake from C for Cake were the stars of our feast table. They looked too pretty to eat!

Disco Party Drink Bottle Labels from Love JK

Every guest also had his or her own personalised bottle of disco water to rehydrate them after all that dancing. It’s hard work being a disco queen.

Disco party thank you tags and favour bags

When the music stopped, and it was time to go home, Annabelle and Eva handed out their party bags. The lolly bag came full of treats, finished with a sweet ribbon and personalised thank you gift tag.

Partyware featuring our Disco Party themed stationery includingpersonalised invitationslunch boxes and thank you gift tags.


Disco Party Stationery by Love JK

Party Furniture & Partyware by Mini Party People

Photography by Nicole Rossen

Styling by The Party Parlour

Cakes and Sweets by C for Cake

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