CAUTION! Construction Party Straight Ahead!

Construction Party Header

Inspired by our fun construction party invitation, Belinda from Styled By Belle  built this incredible Construction Birthday Party! The dig-tastic party was captured by Claire Murdoch Photography.

Guests were greeted with fun construction and caution signs leading them to the party ahead. Hard hats at the ready…it’s time to party!

Construction Party Ideas

The dessert table was the focus for the Construction party, so Styled By Belle created a tool bench to display the playful party food. Using an old garden bench spray painted black and a piece of MDF board, the table top was easily put together. A pegboard from Bunnings and a variety of tools raided from Dad’s tool shed brought the ‘tool table’ to life.

Construction Party Table - Simple peg board, bunting and construction accessories!

Belinda suggests limiting your colour palette to 2, sometimes 3 colours. Have those colours flow throughout the entire event to create an overall balance. If possible, try and ‘mock up’ your table before the event. It’s best to play around with props, cake stands and vessels to get the look you’re happy with before guests arrive. Our personalised stickers and bunting helped to tie the colourful construction all together.

Belinda created a ‘Digging Station’ by filling a plastic tub with sand and toys. So simple, and the kids had lots of fun role-playing as ‘Bob the Builder’! Belinda aslo set up a couple of toy tool benches with a block of polystyrene foam on top for our ‘Hammer Stations’.

Construction Party Game Ideas - Digging Stations, Hammer Stations and Ring Toss. Simple!

The construction kiddos went crazy with toy hammers and golf tees – this was a fun way for the little ones to be on the tools, without the risk of hurting themselves with real hammer & nails! These games are super easy to organise, and kept the budding builders well and truly entertained.

The centrepiece to our tasty ‘tool table’ was the wonderful cake from Queen Baker. A delicious 2-tier chocolate mud cake made to look like a builder’s waist, complete with tool belt and tools, topped with a yellow hard hat!

Construction-themed party food for budding builders on their birthday!

Other sweet treats included “hard hat” cake pops, “construction cupcakes”, “hi-vis” jelly and tasty “tool” cookies. Construction crazy!

For the party table setting, Styled By Belle used a black & yellow tablecloth along with simple black plates and cups. The thirsty workers sipped from bottles with cute “FUEL” labels and ate using custom printed wooden cutlery by Bespoke Party Products.

Caution! Construction Party Ahead! Lunchboxes, treats and more...

Knives and forks were placed on the plates and held together with a cable tie and tag that read “Tools of the trade”. Toolbox benches provided seats for the hungry builders and we handed out plastic yellow hard hats for everyone to wear.

Construction Party Stationery from Love JK

As a thank you, each guest was given a dump truck cookie from Baked By Belle finished off nicely with a Love JK Thank You gift tag.

Partyware featuring our construction themed stationery including personalised party invitationstent cards & thank you gift tags


Personalised Stationery & Printables by Love JK 

Styling by Styled By Belle

Cutlery by Bespoke Party Products

Cake by Queen Baker 

Tool Cookies from Baked By Belle

Hard Hat Cake Pops by Petit Pops

Photography by Claire Murdoch

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