Chocolate Freckles Recipe

Nicole Avery of Planning With Kids shares with us her super easy chocolate freckles recipe. Whether you’re making small chocolate freckles for a rainbow party sweet or going bigger and better for a big kid treat, these colourful creations are fun to make and eat!

Chocolate freckle recipe - perfect for kids parties!

Makes 18 large freckles

What you need:
500 grams of chocolate
100 grams of 100s and 1000s
18 large patty pans

“I like to melt chocolate in the microwave,
so the instructions relate to how to do that.
You could melt the chocolate any way you
like. Once the chocolate is melted you need
to work relatively quickly before it begins
to reset, so it is best to have everything
else organised first.”

How to:
Set out patty pans on a tray.
Pour sprinkles into a small container.
Break chocolate into small pieces in a
microwave safe bowl.
Heat on high for 1 1/2 minutes, then stir.
Heat on high again for another 30 seconds.
Spoon out melted chocolate into patty pans.
Use enough mixture so the bottom is covered
and the freckle is about 4mm thick.

Once you have used up all the mixture, sprinkle
100s and 100s on top of the chocolate in each pan.
Place the tray in refrigerator for the freckles to set.
Once they have set, take them out of the fridge.
Peel back the patty pans and remove the freckle.

Arrange on plate, then enjoy!



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