Choc-Dipped Bananas

These bright bananas are the perfect choc-covered treat for your little chef!
Simple, colourful and fun, it’s time get dipping!

Fun and easy party food - Chocolate Dipped Bananas.

What you need:
Bananas (allow one per child)
Chocolate (melted)
Cake Pop Sticks

Handy Tip:
Melting chocolate is easy to do, but equally easy to mess up! Ask someone to prepare the plates while you keep a watchful eye on melting the chocolate.

How to:
Peel and halve the bananas.
Place on the plate along with the sprinkles and chocolate.
Get the kids to dip the bananas into the chocolate
Then dip into the sprinkles
There you have it.
Choc dipped bananas, eat and enjoy!


Chocolate Dipped Bananas are perfect for a Little Chefs Party. Fun and easy party food.

Recipe by Jodie from The Party Parlour

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