Let’s Cook Up A Storm! It’s A Little Chef Party

Little Chef Party Ideas - The perfect party or boys and girls alike.

Get your apron on and whip up a cute Little Chef Party with this week’s party idea. This is the perfect gender neutral party for all those budding Masterchefs out there. Best yet, it’s easy to prepare for, and won’t cost a pretty penny. So, let’s get to it and Ready, Steady, Cook!

Mum of three and co-owner of The Party Parlour, Jodie shares with us how she planned and hosted this cute chef party.

Before The Party

If time allows, shop for non-perishables as early so you can leave the last minute shopping for the fresh ingredients. Buy pizza bases in a size that allows you to get all of them in the oven at once so everyone’s pizza is ready at the same time. Your lolly table can be set up ahead of time (even if you can’t put the lollies in the jars because someone might eat them!). This can provide a good focal point for decorations. Hanging them can take a little time so doing it early avoids last minute panic. Bake your cupcakes the day before and have the kids decorate them on the day. Easy! Don’t forget to make sure your camera is charged and ready to roll!

Jodie timed the party to start 11am and to finish at 2.30pm. This meant the kids would be hungry just in time to eat their home made treats. The first activity was to get everyone dressed in aprons and hats, and wash hands in preparation for cooking.

The Cooking
The first activity for the kids was to make popcorn. This gave them a yummy snack to munch on while they were cooking.

They then started making garlic bread. Each child had a pre-cut bread roll, foil wrap and a baking cup with soft butter in it. Jodie gave them parsley to chop up and garlic to add just before baking. Be sure to watch those little fingers!

Party Food Ideas for a Little Chefs Party

Once this was done they moved onto making the pizzas. Jodie organized a selection of ingredients for each individual child using a paper plate and baking cups. Definitely do this before the party. The kids chopped up what they wanted and were encouraged to create a “picture” on their pizza base.

Little Chef Party Ideas - Making mini pizzas for the kids to eat

Once the pizza’s were in the oven we moved onto making dessert. Chocolate Dipped Bananas (get the recipe here!). YUM! Get a “friendly kitchen helper” to organize a plate for each child with bananas, a stick, melted chocolate and decorations so you’re ready to dip!

Yummy choc-dipped bananas are a great party food at a Little Chefs Party!

The Look
Jodie decorated party tables using the same colours and designs as on the cooking table, making it look like a restaurant. She used an egg whisk with a name label on it as a fun individual place settings for the children. In the same area there was a lolly table where the kids could make up their own lolly bags to take home.

Little Chef Party Styling Ideas and Decorations

Once the eating was done, the gang sang happy birthday and the kids helped themselves to cake, ice cream and their choc bananas for desert. Everyone agreed that this was one delicious Little Chef Party!

Planning The Party
Consider the number of little chefs you have for this type of party. Between 6 – 12 is manageable. If you have more, simplify the preparation and cooking as much as possible.

Plan a cooking table and an party table if possible. That way guests can move from a “messy” table to clean party table to eat.

Avoid buying costly chopping boards and buy extra paper plates for guests to cut and prepare ingredients on.

Ask a friend or two if they can help you on the day so you can supervise the cooking.

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