Paint & Brush at the Ready! It’s an Awesome Art Party

Create, make & celebrate your kiddie’s birthday with our awesome Art Party. Don’t be shy when styling this birthday bash, be sure to use very colour of the rainbow! Get crafty with colours and decorate to your hearts content.

Take a look at our personalized Art Party stationery to get you started.

Start with our personalized party bunting to create your backdrop; the pretty little polka dots pop with all the right colours. Cover your party tables with bright horizontal striped tablecloths and accessorize with geometric napkins and cute confetti plates. Our personalized invitations set the scene for an afternoon of arty fun!

Set up your main table with individual canvases for every child. Place craft essentials in mini buckets and place at both ends of the table. Whether they’re making mini portraits or coloured hand prints, the guests are bound to have a ball. With creativity and colour being the theme for this bash you can create some seriously tasty treats!

Our personalized drink bottle will give the mini Picassos’ hydration in between masterpieces. Finally, when the party comes to an end everybody gets to go home with a party bag filled with arty goodies and a personalized thank you tag.

Not sure where to start? Take a sneak peek at this art party inspiration!

Paint palette cake, hand printsbutterflies, Artist Cake

And here are some of our art party styling essentials…

Cupslantern, paper plate, napkinstable runner by The Party Parlour



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